Roscoe Village Inn's Guide to Grant Park

Grant Park  AKA 'Chicago's Front Lawn' is a 319-acre public park located in Chicago's central business district.   A beautiful stretch of land that separates commercial from the lakefront and the draw to locals and tourist alike.  Grant Park's most notable features include  Millennium Park , Maggie Daley Park, Buckingham Fountain, the Art Institute of Chicago and the Museum Campus .  Combined with the city's architecture, Grant Park (at Museum Campus) provides on-lookers with the most breathtaking view of the skyline in the world!
sculpture in grant park chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago calls Grant Park home. Chicago's famed art museum boasts over 250 thousand pieces, a modern art wing, and a rotating series of once-in-a-lifetime exhibitions.
art institute of chicago
buckingham fountain in grant park chicago
Then there's the iconic Buckingham Fountain and its ability to propel water 150-feet in the air. Surrounded by a seasonal garden, the Fountain demonstrates a geyser spectacle every hour and a choreographed light and music show at night.
grant park chicago
Grant Park, Spirit of the Music Garden
Come join us this summer as the Spirit of Music Garden in Grant Park blossoms into an urban dance space. Dance to the sounds of 48 different live bands + DJs and get into step with dance lessons beforehand. 
Swing, waltz, cha-cha…or simply enjoy the music. All FREE!
2019 Schedule to Be Announced
people dancing at summer dance festival in chicago's grant park
Maggie Daley Park
Play Garden
Once inside, children of multiple age groups will find fun, adventure, exploration, and learning. Defined in terms of topography and planting, the Play Garden contains different zones and a mix of active and imaginative play. Multifunctional elements like the wave lawn and play pathways will complement equipment-based play. The plants in the Play Garden will intentionally be different from normal park settings, capturing the imagination and engaging different senses in multiple seasons of the year.
Maggie Daley Park 
Ice Skating Ribbon
Connected to Millennium Park by the BP Bridge, the ice-skating ribbon is dramatically different from typical civic ice rinks, offering an experientially rich multi-sensory activity that is integrated into the landscape, and into the city. 
maggie daley park in chicago
ice skating ribbon at Maggie Daley Park in Chicago
Adler Planetarium, Shedd Aquarium and Field Museum all out on Chicago's Lakefront. One of the BEST places to get pictures of the most breathtaking view of the skyline! 
Field Museum in Chicago
view of chicago skyline from museum campus
Millennium Park
Grant Park Music Festival
people sitting at a concert at pritzker pavilion in millennium park Chicago